Why you should watch David Attenboroughs new documentary a life on our planet

David Documentary



  • Last night, my family and I were scrolling through the hundreds of netflix shows when we came across David Attenborough’s new documentary. For those who don’t know him, David Attenborough is a natural historian, who has travelled across the globe, pushing boundaries in terms of documenting wildlife and biodiversity and has released countless shows on BBC. He is currently 93 years old and his last project was the newly released netflix documentary, which he described as being his “witness statement”. Witness statement to what exactly? To the fact that our planet is being completely and utterly destroyed by none other than us- the “most intelligent beings on the planet.”


  • This show documents the life of Attenborough, but not to show us his accomplishments, but to portray how our planet has drastically changed in the 93 years of his life. Our global population has more than tripled, our wilderness has gone down from 66% to 35% and our oceans are warming at a frightening rate. This is not the beginning, but is in fact, almost the end. Attenbrough described the first ever picture of our planet Earth from space as his realisation that there is an edge to our existence. Something we humans know, but don’t actually realise is that our planet is demarcated and our resources are limited, and we are bound by this finite natural world. By 2100, Attenborough predicted that through the process of global warming, dead oceans, melting ice caps, food crises, uninhabitable lands and drastic weather changes, a mass extinction is inevitable. He does not end the show there however, but in fact goes on to describe a life that we could have so as to prevent this, and the only way out of this is through sustainable living. This is why I highly recommend everyone to watch this documentary; so that we can get a sense of our imperil and realize that we are causing the extinction of our own race.


  • Climate change WILL kill us. If we don’t act now, then we will never have the chance to act again.