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At Harvest, we truly believe in taking education beyond classrooms

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Facilities for Arts

As put forth by Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious – pass it on.”

Harvest International recognizes the impact of visual and performing arts on impressionable minds. With this philosophy in mind, we house a dedicated arts centre where students can indulge in the discipline of visual and performing arts. Our infrastructure consists of 2 rooms for performing arts, 1 for music and 1 for art crafts.

Harvest International School has a highly engaging/ interactive program for sparking creativity amongst out students and  our instructors are very passionate to educate students on their artistic disciplines.

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Facilities for Transport

Commute being one of the vagaries of our city, Harvest International has a fleet of 90 buses with efficiently mapped out routes to ensure that children spend the least amount of time traveling back and forth. All members of our staff receive extensive training in driving and first-aid. A female attendant accompanies the children on the bus.

Every bus is equipped with CCTV RFID, speed governors, and a tracking app that enables the parents to know the whereabouts of their wards as they travel to and from school.

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Facilities for Sports

Sports 1


Harvest International School Kodathi 4


Sports 5

Basketball/ Badminton

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Sports 7



Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Facilities for Medical

Harvest International School hosts a well-equipped medical room with two trained nurses in order to provide necessary first aid to students in the time of an emergency. Annual health checks ups including an eye check-up by specialists is a regular procedure at the school.

Medical 1
Medical 3
Medical 2

Facilities for Daycare

Harvest International School facilitates an independent day care service within our Cherubs Montessori campuses, at Sompura and HSR Layout. Parents are always on the lookout for a reliable day care centre and we wish to provide the same.

Interested parents may contact our office to enquire about day-care admission and also may find out more about our day-care program, activities and routine.  

The Day-care operates between 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm (closed on Sundays).

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