We are using Microsoft Teams for Education from Grades 8 to 12 and IB-PYP

Harvest International’s Virtual Classrooms are supported by the Microsoft Teams Platform and has now successfully completed over one year in online schooling in the new world.

The transition into the new normal has been a challenge for all of us, students, parents and educators alike. During the entire paradigm shift to online learning, teachers all over the world have faced several challenges.

These are a few to name. Facing the pitfalls of digital learning may be discouraging and frustrating both for teachers and students. 

However, in an attempt to overcome these obstacles, teachers at Harvest are constantly undergoing training to be in sync with the current needs of the online teaching platform. Their open mindedness and willingness to learn has mustered in them a knowledge and comfort in the use of technology. It has helped them re-envision goals, activities and assessments. This will help Harvest International build a community of curious learners, by facilitating discussions in the classroom and engaging them in hands on activities in the comfort of their homes.

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Modifying the Existing Curriculum

A major flaw in online learning is the interrupted channel of communication between students and educators and the general lack of classroom liveliness, however, our team has identified multiple methods through which virtual classrooms can become more intriguing.

Under the guidance of Harvest’s “Curriculum Core” RnD team, all our subject-wise curriculums have undergone major changes to accommodate experiential learning pedology for our students to experience from the comfort of their own home.
From designing new workshops and teaching methodologies that are more suitable in a virtual environment to collaborating with educational consultants for the development of home-activity kits, Harvest International is revolutionizing the sphere of online education.

Home - Activity Kit

A kit that consists of material and equipment to carry out experiments and activities curated around the academic syllabus. The Kit has been consolidated under expert guidance of our inhouse RnD team as well as independent educational consultants.

The kit primarily supports the Science subjects, the equipment is accompanied with a comprehensive set of instructions that will guide the student into learning with it. Some activities found in the kit can be performed outside of class while most of them are performed in conjunction with the online lecture.

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Recorded Lectures

Based on demand and popular request, High Quality recorded presentations of class modules will be made available to our students so that they may revise from it in their own comfort and pace.

Online Office Hours

All of our teaching staff will be available for a one-on-one session  for explanation of any course queries or technical doubts the students may have. A form will be circulated with multiple time slots that students may reserve for themselves.

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